The total prizes of this competition are RMB 1 million (Approximately equal to USD140000), and the c…

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TOP University Innovation and Technology Competition Kicks off   shares 1,000,000 in total cash…

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Concept: We applaud the rapid development of technology and the precious inheritance of human wisdom…

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About the Competition

The 5G season of the OPPO TOP University Innovation and Technology Competition aims to create one of the most authoritative and dynamic college science and technology competition in the world. It is a competition platform for 5G talents at colleges and universities. The total prizes of this competition is RMB 1 million (Approximately equal to USD 140000).


This competition is committed to the market-oriented application of 5G in colleges and universities, to pro-mote the application of 5G technology in the fields of science, education and enterprise practice, and to promote the global team of teachers and students in the field of 5G in colleges and universities to jointly explore technological breakthroughs and application innovation in frontier areas.


The competition focuses on the two directions of “Human-Computer Interaction” and “Internet of Things”, and encourages college students to put forward innovative and complete solutions in the 5G area. We will also integrate 5G technology into more application scenarios, open a green channel for high-quality college graduates to find jobs, increase the participation of young students, and encourage scientific and technological innovation and practice.


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Application Guide


Specific time nodes of the contest

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Detailed operating guidelines

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Official chapter of the competition

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Track Division

Different Area

The competition provides opportunities for the combination of high-tech industries, teaching and research represented by voice interaction, image recognition, VR/AR, somatosensory interaction, big data analysis, new sensors, smart wear, smart homes and IoT technology.


Human-Computer Interaction

Voice Interaction

A new generation of interaction mode based on voice input enables people to communicate with machines through natural language.

Image Recognition

Usage of computers to identify different patterns of targets and objects.


Smart integration of virtual information and real-world brings better interaction experience.

Somatosensory Interaction

The operator can control the system through his body movement.

Big Data Analysis

Apply modern technology to analyze massive data for effective conclusions, such as user habits.

Internet of Things

Novel Sensors

Sensor system with perfect function and better performance made by modern materials.

Smart Wearable Devices

Apply wearable technology to intelligent design of daily wearable equipment.

Smart Homes

Use the IoT system to form an efficient and comfortable home management system.

IoT Platform

Develop an available, efficient and scalable open platform for the IoT.



Yuanchun Shi Tsinghua University

Professor, Computer Science Department

Dean, Global Innovation Exchange

Peilun Rao Tsinghua University

Professor, Industrial Engineering Department

Associate Dean, Global Innovation Exchange

Feng Tian Chinese Academy of Science

Professor, Computer Science Department

Associate Director,Institute for Software

Jingyan Qin University of Science and Technology Beijing

Professor, Department of Industrial Design

Director, Institute of AI and Innovation

Xiaotong Zhang University of Science and Technology Beijing

Professor, the School of Computer and Communication Engineering

Xiong Luo University of Science and Technology Beijing

Professor, the School of Computer and Communication Engineering


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